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Remington 700 sa 3 lbs. 13 ounces
Remington 700 la         4 lbs. 0 ounces
Savage 10    4 lbs. 0 ounce
Savage 110  4 lbs. 2 ounces
Stiller Tac 338      4 lbs. 6 ounces
Stiller Tac 408      5 lbs. 0 ounces
Lawton 8000 4 lbs. 15 ounces

*weights do not include magazine or bipod.  Weights may vary based on options.  Above weights are with standard setup and 12" HG.

All XLR chassis are machine from solid 6061 T6 billet.

All XLR chassis are anodized with a Type II Class II anodized matte finish

It may be necessary to run taller scope rings to clear the hand guard.  Use the following formula's to determine your necessary ring height.

(All units in inches.  Ring height measured from top of base to scope center line.   Sloped bases add .035" to height every six inches objective extends from base.)

For standard Evolution chassis:
(actual objective diameter/2) + .9 - (action diameter/2) - base height = required ring height

For Evolution HD / Carbon chassis:
(actual objective diameter/2) + 1.05 - (action diameter/2) - base height = required ring height

These formulas are provided as an estimate and do not guarantee correct fit. Use your own discretion.

The scope base on your rifle can extend .200" past the action face.  If your base is longer, we can shorten it for you at no charge.